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Facebook generates 25pc of Voltaire Diamonds' sales

Facebook generates 25pc of Voltaire Diamonds' sales

Facebook generates 25pc of Voltaire Diamonds' sales

Milliner Philip Treacy and Séamus Fahy, managing director, Voltaire Diamonds

Founder of online engagement ring specialist Voltaire Diamonds Séamus Fahy says Facebook is now the “lifeblood” of his business, for communicating with customers and driving the word of mouth effect.

Fahy set up the business four and a half years ago and says that over 25pc of its sales are now attributable to Facebook, which has become its main advertising and promotional medium.

Based in Dublin, Voltaire Diamonds focuses on selling customised engagement and wedding rings at affordable prices.

Its business model is to keep overheads low so it doesn’t have a high-street shop front. This means the company has to be creative in attracting its target audience to book an appointment.

Voltaire set up its Facebook page with the initial intention of posting photos and videos of its jewelry. It quickly added videos with tips and advice for selecting a diamond.

It created Facebook ads targeted to engaged people to promote its wedding ring ranges and have used targeting to reach its core target audience of college graduates between aged 26-35.

To encourage interaction with posts, Voltaire asks customers to vote on ring styles and share stories.

It also runs an always-on ‘Page Like Sponsored Story’, which has boosted the viral effect of every person liking its page to their friends, according to Fahy.

“We’ve kept our Facebook page open to ensure that people who come to the page can browse the products and videos before liking the page. This is important in our business as people mightn’t want their partners to know they’re considering getting engaged,” Fahy explains.

Partnership with Philip Treacy

Voltaire recently partnered with Philip Treacy, a haute couture milliner, to design and exclusive range of new ring styles. By recording a video with him, it has been able to use Facebook to drive awareness of the partnership.

“Promoting the Philip Treacy video post allowed us to reach an audience of over 150,000 people and drive excellent engagement level with the page for a very modest budget,” says Fahy.

“Overall we drove 40pc growth in fans in six months through consistent use of Facebook page posting, using ads, promoting posts and sponsored stories to get additional reach.

“Facebook has facilitated us to extend our business to the UK and beyond.”

Having graduated from the University of Limerick, Fahy started out working in the oil and gas sector and then decided to pursue entrepreneurial ventures in domestic and foreign markets focusing on opportunities in both commodities and real estate markets.

His investment and activity in commodities provided the opportune background to participate in the growing gemstones market.

The culmination of this interest led Fahy to establish Voltaire Diamonds. Using both his extensive business experience and his accreditation by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), he is well positioned to deliver the technical and commercial expertise relating to the procurement of precious gemstones.