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Atlantis Seafoods launches new retail range

Atlantis Seafoods launches new retail range

Atlantis Seafoods launches new retail range

John Kenny and Mark O'Connor

Wexford-based seafood processor and distributor Atlantis has made significant improvements to its production in the past 14 months and has recently launched a new product range.

Established in 1993, the company is owned and managed by Mark O’Connor and John Kenny. Together they have over 50 years’ experience in the seafood industry.

“Our purpose-built processing facility is British Retail Consortium-approved and incorporates our own smokehouse,” explains O’Connor. “Our varied customer base includes restaurants, hotels, pubs, retailers, the health service, government bodies, caterers and fast-food outlets. We supply fishmongers and other wholesalers as well.

“Our management team has implemented huge changes in order to streamline our business and improve our bottom line. The results so far have been excellent. We have increased yields and productivity on the factory floor. We also managed to do this while reducing our electricity and water demands.”

Sustainability is high on Atlantis’ agenda. As part of its initiative to ensure sustainable stock management it promotes the use of a greater variety of underused species. It also promotes other sustainable fisheries such as inland-farmed trout, line-caught mackerel and organic-farmed salmon.

O’Connor says that Atlantis has had to adapt to the current economic environment in order to compete, survive and do well.

“We are acutely aware that our customers need to be offered value for money and higher levels of service than ever so as they can survive and subsequently we can survive. At Atlantis we are trying to increase our contact with our clients by offering them our catch of the day and various other weekly offers by email, text, phone and Facebook.”

Atlantis was a finalist in the SFA National Small Business Awards in both the food and drink and manufacturing categories. O’Connor believes this is a recognition of the company’s passion for producing Irish seafood.

It recently launched its Kilmore Quay range, which is aimed at the retail market and very much a part of the future strategy.

O’Connor says that the year ahead is going to be a positive one for Atlantis. “Our first goal is to get our new fresh Kilmore Quay range out on the market. The main multiples have shown a strong interest in the products and we hope to see the range on the shelves nationwide in April or May this year. In addition we are targeting the European food service market with similar products.”